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Roslyn Yearwood, In Memoriam

In 1995, Roslyn Yearwood started A Child’s Voice Foundation because she saw that there were many children who were falling between the cracks of our social safety net and health care system. 


With a soft heart and unwavering determination, Roslyn’s mission was to help these kids and their families who were in need of various medical devices, services and support. 

While there were financial requests for everything from parking permits for hospital visits, prescriptions not covered by provincial health plans and medical equipment, Roslyn began receiving requests for wigs for children suffering from hair loss due to
cancer treatments and alopecia. The demand became so great

that in 2002, with help from Amalia Ruggiero, Roslyn launched the Angel Hair For Kids program, which provides free wigs. 


Roslyn believed that providing children with a wig would help increase their self-esteem and help kids feel like themselves during a difficult time. The very emotional heartfelt “thank yous” and appreciation she received from our wig recipients brought her to tears every time. 


Sadly, Roslyn lost her own battle with cancer on August 25, 2018. However, her dream of improving the lives of children across Canada, lives on through A Child’s Voice Foundation and its special programs, Angel Hair For Kids and Kids Life Line. 

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