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It costs $2,500 to sponsor one Angel Hair For Kids child.

"Building confidence and joy for children in need is the foundation of the Angel Hair For Kids program."
Dee Esposito, Executive Director

Angel Hair For Kids

Every year thousands of Canadian children lose their hair to cancer treatments, alopecia and other medical causes. At Angel Hair For Kids, we believe the act of providing a wig or hair loss solution will increase a child’s self-esteem and confidence during a difficult time in their young lives.


Founded in 2002 by Roslyn Yearwood and Amalia Ruggiero, this special program is unlike any other and is the only one of its kind in Canada. Each Angel Hair For Kids recipient is given a personal appointment at a salon that specializes in wigs and hair loss.

Using hair and financial donations generously donated to the program, Angel Hair For Kids provides wigs and hair systems to recipients at no cost to the child’s family. It typically takes between 10 and 12 donated ponytails and $2,500 to sponsor one Angel Hair For Kids child.


With care and compassion the experts walk the child and their family through the process of selecting a wig or hair loss solution that meets their needs. Once selected, the hair prosthesis is fitted and styled especially for that child, making it their very own.

Ava's Story

Ava's Story

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Ava’s Story

Ava was born with beautiful platinum blonde hair, but at the age of two, it started to fall out in clumps. She was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis, a disease that has compromised her immune system and caused complete hair loss over her entire scalp. By the time Ava started junior kindergarten, she only had wisps of hair left. Ava’s mom heard about Angel Hair For Kids and reached out in the hopes of getting a wig. Ava now has her confidence back and a new look on life.

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Jaden’s Story

Jaden found out she had alopecia when she started grade one. By the time she was in grade eight, she had lost approximately 95% of her hair. After wanting to have a wig for some time, she was able to connect with Angel Hair For Kids. While Jaden finds it hard at times not having her own hair as a teen girl, she does feel very happy inside when she has her hair on. “When I put on my wig I’m very thankful to the people who have donated to the program, because without them my wish would not have come true.”


Sveya's Story

Four-year-old Sveya knows that she has something called alopecia and that’s why her hair doesn’t grow anymore. Originally from Winnipeg, she now lives with James and Sherri, her foster parents, eight hours north in Norway House. This year has already been very exciting for Sveya. She just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and in May she received her brand new wig from Angel Hair For Kids. Despite a few bumps and scrapes (from bike riding), Sveya is very happy with her hair.

Please contact us to make a financial contribution, donate your hair or host a fundraiser.
We welcome all donations and tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more.


 If your company runs a workplace charitable giving program, you can direct your contribution to

A Child’s Voice Foundation through your employer.

We gratefully accept financial donations through

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