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Kids Life-Line – How We Help

How We Help

A Child’s Voice Foundation created the Kids Life-Line program to meet an increasingly growing need for products and services that struggling families could not provide for their sick or disabled children.
There is an alarming number of medically required products, services and support that are simply not available to families through insurance plans, levels of government or other organizations. Sometimes families do not have private insurance and if they do they have found that their child’s need is not covered or the coverage is not enough, and these families simply can not afford the additional costs.

When a child becomes sick or disabled it takes a toll on the whole family. Many times a parent must stop working to provide care, stay in a hospital for extended periods of time, attend appointments and more. These families are desperately searching for anyone to help their child. Now they have somewhere to turn, A Child’s Voice Foundation and the Kids Life-Line program!

Through this program the foundation is able to provide funding, products, therapies and other necessary support to children facing any disease, medical condition or disability. This is what makes this program unique; we will help face any condition and try to fill every need.

By lending a helping hand and extending a much needed “life-line” during a difficult time we know we can make a difference!

For more information on this very special program please contact the Foundation or visit the FAQ page for the answers to some frequently asked questions including what is covered and not covered under the Kids Life-Line program.

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