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Angel Hair for Kids

Angel Hair for Kids™ is a program of A Child’s Voice Foundation™ that provides wigs and hair loss solutions to financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment. Using hair that is generously donated to the program, the foundation can create wigs and hair systems and provide them at no cost to the child’s family. It takes 10-12 donated ponytails to make one hair prosthesis and $800 to $1000 is budgeted by the foundation to cover manufacturing and related costs.

Every year many children in Canada will lose their hair due to conditions such as cancer treatments, alopecia and even burns. We believe that providing a wig or hair loss solution will increase a child’s self esteem and improve their self image, during a difficult and sometimes painful time in their lives. We hope to help them face their condition and daily life with a greater confidence. Since the program’s inception only three years ago we are proud to say that we have helped over 150 children, and the demand is steadily increasing.

This special program is unlike any other and is the only one of its kind in Canada. Every Angel Hair for Kids recipient is given a personal appointment at a salon that specializes in wigs and hair loss. These salons have been pre selected by the foundation due to their experience, ability and desire to work with children in need. With care and compassion the experts walk the child and their family through the process of selecting a wig or hair loss solution that meets their needs. Once selected, the hair prosthesis is fitted and styled especially for that child, making it their very own. In addition, the child will receive a kit that includes a wig stand, shampoo, hair brush and care instructions. If a child is too ill to come in to the salon Angel Hair for Kids will arrange for a salon professional to come to them.

A Child’s Voice Foundation is committed to understanding the needs of children and celebrating their diversity. Research is conducting regularly to better understand hair loss conditions and the children affected by it. We hope to gain a greater understanding of how best to help these children and their families.

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