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Why We Help

Child Poverty

In 2006, 760,000 children were living in poverty, a number that has seen little to no improvement in 17 years. The faces of these children are diverse and many come from families with at least one earner working full time. These families are struggling to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter and the goods and services needed to increase their opportunities and life chances. It has been shown that children who live in poverty encounter more hurdles to healthy development and are at an elevated risk for a wide range of negative outcomes to their health and well-being. Research shows that children in poverty are more likely to experience a host of negative outcomes, including lower functioning vision, hearing, speech, mobility, dexterity, and cognition.
Information provided by Statistics Canada and Campaign 2000

Children’s Health and Well Being

The foundation has received hundreds of diverse and unique requests from children across Canada suffering from different medical conditions and disabilities such as cancer, autism, alopecia, burns, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, and many other medical, emotional and physical disabilities and conditions. While the numbers of children living with illness and disability are not clear, we are clearly seeing a need and demand for a variety of services and support.

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